Ever curious. Occasionally corny. 

Screen-printing in my apartment; you know, like the pros do. 

Screen-printing in my apartment; you know, like the pros do. 


Lauren Cooke

I like to call myself a designer when being introduced to someone new, as it is something most people have some sort of concept of, but quite honestly I’m a generalist. I’m a problem-solver. Coming from a family riddled with engineers, I naturally look for solutions without being prompted to do so. 

As a micro-business owner and freelancer, I’ve come to learn many skills fit for a designer. I’ve become proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other applications in the Creative Suite. I understand balance. I live to kern. Being exceedingly curious, I've learned the arts of hand-embroidery, screen-printing, watercolor, felting, quilting, sewing, calligraphy, and general illustration. On the practical business-side of things, I've gained experience in product photography, bookkeeping, invoicing, order fulfillment, shipping, web design, marketing, social media principles, etc. 

Previous to my work in the arts, I was in technology, first as an Apple employee, and then as a People Ops architect for Mutual Mobile. At both companies, it was my role to fix things and find solutions before they became problems. I can quickly learn and administer complicated CRMs. I always enjoy tackling new technologies.

I will now take my cue from that point in the movie where the guy or gal unabashedly expresses why they should be together, typically in the rain.

Why do I belong with you? I want things to be impeccable. But I also want them done, and I know that balance. I work doggedly hard, and I do my best not to disappoint. I also supply my own gifs.